Refurbish Your DeWalt MBF Radial Arm Saw

I wrote this booklet and put it in PDF format.  It has the original DeWalt MBF 1957 MB Instruction Manual and the 1954 DeWalt catalog.  It also shows my photo's of me dismantling and refrubishing a DeWalt MBF.  The paint formula to simulate the original DeWalt look is in here also.  This is an electronic download.  Once you pay via paypal you will be sent a link to download the booklet.  It is about 10mb in size and 78 pages.

Cost is $10.00 US
buy the booklet here using paypal.  You will be redirected to a site to download the manual.  

Table of Contents


 4                                  Nomenclature
15                                Starting the Disassembly
17                                Taking off the Saw Carriage Assembly
18                                Taking off the motor
22                                Taking out the King bolt
24                                Removing the arm bearings
25                                Removing the Column
28                                Taking the Motor Apart
32                                Painting
33                                Index
34                                Appendixes
35                                1957 DeWalt  MB /GW Powershop Instruction, Maintenance & Parts Book
56                                1954 DeWalt Powershop Catalog
76                                DeWalt  MB  Table & Frame Assembly exploded diagram
77                                DeWalt MB Table exploded diagram
78                                Original Saw Company table exploded diagram


Page 19 of the Booklet


After the covers are removed you will see 3 allen bolts on one side.  The center one is large (needs a 3/8 allen wrench).  The two outside ones are smaller (need a 7/32 allen wrench).  The large center bolt is 1 ¼” long and is a ½-20 threaded bolt.  The two smaller bolts are 5/16-18 threaded and are 1” long. 

 The other side has 3 very fragile adjusting screws, a large allen bolt and a sleeve.  Also notice that the motor only has one hole on this side, for the large centered allen bolt.  The motor has 3 holes on the other side, so you can’t mix up which way the motor goes when putting it back together, just remember that the flat side of the motor is the bottom.

The allen bolt needs a 3/8 allen wrench.  The bolt is 1” long and is ½-20 threaded.



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